Type Twenty Seven is proud to be the creative partner to the Phoenix Coffee Co.

Phoenix Coffee Co. of Cleveland, Ohio was in the midst of a brand re-imaging in 2017.
The company has been operating and roasting coffee locally for 27 years, and was ready to pivot towards the future. This rebranding project was built from the ground up, getting to understand the history of the company, as well as the current culture and personality of the staff, leadership, and customer base.

This new brand reflects the playful and welcoming, yet professional approach that Phoenix has built around serving quality coffee at all 5 of their cafés. The company prides itself on being a welcome environment that provides a high standard of customer service with a great product.

Buildout included: coffee packaging, interior and exterior signage, t-shirts, coffee mugs, letterpress bookmarks, hot cup sleeves, business cards, and updated website visuals.